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Whether consumers are picking up a quick snack at the local convenience store or making a big-ticket purchase such as home electronics, there is a package for every product, and often it is that packaging that helps sell the consumer on that product. Paper and packaging are global industries, accounting for more than a half-trillion dollars in volume annually. From everyday household products to the food we eat, packaging is a fundamental component of both durable and consumable goods.

Not only must this packaging be attractive, practical and not add appreciably to the cost of a product, consumers today also demand that packaging is sustainable. In fact, a recent study noted that sustainable packaging is the fastest-growing portion of the packaging marketplace, projected to exceed $170 billion globally by mid-decade. Packaging manufacturers are adjusting to this trend with equipment and materials that will satisfy consumers’ growing calls for green packaging.

Leaders in this dynamic industry need a comprehensive information source to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Paper and Packaging International is a must-read trade publication for 139,664 readers — upper-level executives who need to stay ahead of the information curve. In every issue, we follow the paper and packaging supply chains, from pulp mills to the packaging machinery that readies products for display on local shelves.

Paper and Packaging International keeps its readers on the cutting-edge of the industry with profiles of successful companies in the equipment and material sectors. The magazine also routinely speaks with end-users who know that successful packaging is absolutely vital in creating or enhancing brand equity and identity. Paper and Packaging International’s editorial team speaks with these and other experts in the field, and relays the secrets behind their successes.

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