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PolyFirst Packaging began in 1998 with a mission to produce the highest-quality plastic film and bags on time and at a fair price. The company has since stuck to its guns and become one of the largest producers of specialty plastic bags and plastic packaging in the country. 

PolyFirst Packaging extrudes its own plastic to better guarantee the quality of its products. Plastics extrusion is a manufacturing process in which raw plastic is melted and formed. But not all plastic bag makers extrude their own plastic. The plastic for PolyFirst Packaging’s bags is created by a blown film extrusion method. This process ensures its customers receive the best possible products. 

PolyFirst Packaging products are used in a variety of industries, including retail, medical, automotive, industrial and cataloging. In its 50,000-square-foot facility in Hartford, Wis., the company says it extrudes its own films and can print and process print colors and convert a wide variety of plastic packaging for any customer need. 

To continue improving, construction is already underway on a $3.5 million project that includes a 32,800-square-foot building expansion to its Hartford facility. This expansion is expected to create 40 new jobs for local residents. 

Additionally, PolyFirst Packaging recently acquired Qualified Innovations of Sugar Grove, Ill., the leading manufacturer of cohesive poly film, kraft paper and linerboard for the packaging, mailer, automotive, electrical, nursery and furniture industries. This puts PolyFirst Packaging on the trajectory for substantial growth. 

Variety Abounds

Whether a customer needs Speedy-Pac™ for an assembly line or a die-cut handle bag for a promotional campaign, PolyFirst Packaging says it has the expertise to save them time and money without sacrificing quality. The company offers a variety of products to fit a customer’s needs, including:

    Pouch bags
    Laminated stoclks 
    Compartment bags 
    Stretch sleeves 
    Cohesive packaging wrap
    Tree wrap 

These are just some of the products offered by PolyFirst Packaging. By extruding its own plastic, the company says it continues to innovate and develop more products to fit any customer’s project.

Color Matters

Custom design printing for packages is a newer feature for PolyFirst Packaging customers, but it allows for greater flexibility. The company says its state-of-the-art printing presses can print up to eight colors, both process and spot colors. In addition to printed bags, the company prints rollstock for vertical and horizontal form fill and seal applications. 

PolyFirst Packaging says it has become the preferred choice for custom packaging and custom design printing. The company works with customers’ existing art files or creates new art for them. Its design team will work with customers to create the ideal package for their product.

In 2014, PolyFirst Packaging decided it wanted to take a more objective approach to color matching and at the same time simplify the data that the press operators use. The company began to look for a tool to help its press operators make better decisions about color adjustments on press. 

The company discovered SpotOn! Flexo, a software program that focuses on color density, which is a crucial step for ink toning on the press, and has the ability to predict what effect the pressroom adjustments will have in the process. After 30 days, the company says it saw a 50 percent reduction in ink-toning time due to the usefulness of the software in preventing the press operator from making incorrect adjustments. The company continues to use the program because it removes ambiguity and reduces the amount of time a press operator would previously spend searching PolyFirst’s color libraries for the appropriate colors to apply to a job because all color targets are readily available. 

Many customers today have complex expectations in terms of color management, and those expectations may include color management software requirements, tolerance requirements, digital library requirements and a host of other things that this new program accomplishes. These benefits of the program go hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction, the company says, which is always on the forefront of PolyFirst Packaging’s mind for any project. 

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