Cenveo’s ability to provide a wide range of packaging and printing capabilities makes it a go-to partner for companies in a variety of industries. 

“We have a robust platform of capabilities that allow us to be a pioneering print packaging provider to our customers,” says Emily Allen, director of marketing and sales for the Stamford, Conn.-based company’s packaging division. “Several of our customers used to contract with multiple manufacturing partners to do what we can consolidate and handle in a turnkey fashion.” To support this model, Cenveo recently invested in CRM tools which allow it to take a systematic approach to proven sales growth best practices, as well as enterprise software that streamlines and creates standard business processes such as pre-press, inventory, invoicing, pricing and other critical communication and reporting functions.

Cenveo’s packaging division provides folding cartons, shrink sleeves, blister cards and other print related products. Cenveo’s top markets include tobacco and vapor, health and beauty, food and beverage and pharmaceutical markets. “I’m proud of the forward-thinking, innovative and creative mindset of our talented team, which provides a distinct differentiation in the market with a broad range of customized print and packaging solutions for our customers,” Allen adds. 

The packaging division is one of Cenveo’s four main divisions. Cenveo – one of the top five printing providers in North America – also operates commercial printing, digital, envelopes and label printing businesses. Cenveo encompasses more than two dozen entities operating more than 100 facilities across the United States as well as manufacturing operations in Asia, South America and Central America. 

Enhanced Capabilities

The packaging division operates folding carton manufacturing facilities in Jacksonville, Fla.; Charlotte, N.C.; and the Dominican Republic. The division also operates a shrink sleeve and label facility in Croydon, Penn.; a label, folding carton, commercial printing and direct mail facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and a folding carton facility in Portland, Oregon. Cenveo also has a global packaging presence, with facilities in Mexico, Costa Rica, Asia, India, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Several of the division’s facilities recently added new equipment that will greatly enhance the company’s print and manufacturing capabilities. Presses recently installed in the Jacksonville and Mississauga plants will give those facilities the ability to efficiently perform multiple unique applications in a single run and allow Cenveo to perform functions it formerly needed to outsource.  Additionally, Cenveo has made substantial investments and improvements to their Dominican Republic packaging facility to increase efficiencies in production, as well as an investment of time and money into the growth of its international support model both in country and domestically to increase strategic accounts. 

The new sheet-fed press in Jacksonville is capable of laying down cold foil and performing coating and varnishing functions in a single pass. Cold foil packaging catches light from different angles, giving items a perceived higher quality on the retail shelf. “This press gives us value-added printing applications for our customers’ packaging that substantially enhances their shelf presence amongst competitors’ packaging for their respective markets,” Allen says.

The new press in the Mississauga facility has similar capabilities, but uses Mira Foil – a UV-curable liquid coating – instead of cold foil. The reflective sheen provided by the Mira Foil process also makes products more attractive on store shelves. Both the cold foil and Mira Foil processes are environmentally friendly alternatives to foil board, Allen notes.

Sustainability is a major focus for the company, which is both forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified. “As a leading player in the industry, we fully recognize our responsibility to be stewards of a greener environment,” the company says. “We’re proud to have instituted a company-wide program of environmental awareness and sustainability.”

Pushing Forward

Cenveo’s new presses will further enhance the company’s ability to provide customized printing and packaging services to its customers. The company serves many of its customers on a long-term, repeat basis. “Our vision is to optimize and empower our customer’s brands. Ease of use, efficiency of supply chain and operations, process control systems, product functionality, paperboard and ink/coating enhanced features, and graphic/engineering design are points of focus that support our vision,” says Hunter Johnston, senior vice president of the packaging group. “We realize that our customers are investing in premium shelf presence to influence consumers to buy.  At the end of the day, we continue to position our business to provide unique capabilities and services that provide a competitive edge for our customers to win in the marketplace.”

Cenveo can suggest alternative paper boards and printing methods to its customers that provide significant cost savings as well as supporting environmental consciousness. “We have a proven track record of listening to our customer’s needs and providing unique solutions that support their vision and profitability by providing not only value added printing applications that “pop” but functional packaging designs that efficiently run through our mutual equipment,” Johnston adds. 

Cenveo also creates color profiles that ensure brand consistency for its customers. Cenveo’s facilities around the world are able to access and use these profiles. 

Cenveo uses extensive quality management and testing processes. These include in-line bar code scanners that can reject packages as well as a quality clean room where blister cards and other packaging are tested. Its manufacturing facilities all adhere to lean principles.

Allen credits Cenveo’s quality processes, talented people, and research and development capabilities, with its success. Cenveo regularly invests in R&D and ERP solutions to support product innovation and traceability.

“We’re very much involved with R&D and are constantly looking to push the bar and be ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology we use and the packaging services we provide,” Allen says. 

“We want to be the first company in the market to introduce new offerings and services to our customers,” Johnston adds. “We are positioning Cenveo to be our customer’s first choice for their complete packaging needs. We continue to remain focused on making our Customers’ brands successful by optimizing and empowering their brands.”

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