Lake County Press

The ability to print on multiple substrates and offering such cutting-edge technologies as augmented reality and digital printing are helping Lake County Press’s business thrive in the ever-changing world of print technology. 

Lake County Press’ equipment includes an eight-color, fully interdecked offset press with ultraviolet curing, a six-color offset press and a die cutter. The Waukegan, Ill.-based company credits Ralph Johnson, its president and CEO, with his willingness to invest in the company, even during the earliest signs of the economic downturn in 2007. Ralph Johnson’s son, Tom Johnson, is executive vice president and COO.

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The requirements for food labeling are constantly changing and often becoming more stringent. So continual innovation is a familiar business model for Inland in La Crosse, Wis. Earlier this year, the company dropped “Label” from its name to indicate the broadening of its business model and signal the company’s rebranding.

Inland produces labels in cut-and-stack, in-mold, pressure-sensitive, blow-mold and shrink varieties and offers offset, gravure and flexo printing. It produces labels for the beverage, food and consumer products markets. Inland helps its customers select the correct label substrate, size, shape, ink, coating and print press combination to reduce waste and eliminate costs from the entire supply chain. It says it often saves its customers 1 percent to 3 percent annually through value-engineering.

Gulf Coast Paper Co. Inc.

When purchasing inventory, buying from a large distributor can be an advantage for volume pricing, but the distributor’s size also can be a disadvantage. “We are a large enough company to purchase products from the best manufacturers with very competitive pricing, but because of our size, we have the ability to react very quickly to changes in the competitive climate and to customer needs,” explains Clay Dibble, vice president of sales and marketing for Gulf Coast Paper Co. Inc. “We can react faster than larger competitors. The chain up the ladder for a decision is a very short climb. We give a lot of discretion to our local managers to make decisions, which helps us quickly meet the needs of our customers.

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Flambeau River Papers

Flambeau River Papers can trace its origins back more than 100 years. Based in Park Falls in Wisconsin’s northern Price County, the Flambeau mill has produced quality printing and specialty papers for decades. Flambeau River Papers was founded after William “Butch” Johnson purchased the company in the wake of Smart Papers filing bankruptcy in 2006. 

“Butch was the sole provider of pulp wood to the operation and had a vested interest in keeping 285 people working,” Vice President of Operations Aaron Johnson says. “Today, our commitment to innovation, community and environmental stewardship has never been stronger. Flambeau has reinvented the idea of the mill, investing in cutting-edge improvements, bringing skilled jobs to the Park Falls area and pledging to lessen the mill’s impact on the environment.” 

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With more than 11,000 stores in 27 countries, Walmart has a staggering amount of shelf space to fill, and hundreds of thousands of products to place on those shelves. Finding ways to most efficiently and attractively place those products is a high priority for the world’s largest retailer.

For the past several years, the Bentonville, Ark.-headquartered company has led the way in developing packaging that can be easily stocked directly on shelves instead of needing to be unpacked. For Walmart, this packaging – formally known as retail-ready packaging (RRP)  – has historically included plain cardboard boxes with removable tops or perforated knock-out panels. This type of packaging, colloquially referred to as PDQ, for “pretty darn quick,” is rapidly changing.

Five generations of the Reichenecker family have owned and operated Storopack since it started in 1874 in Germany. The company has come a long way since its early days in the leather tanning business, but its culture hasn’t changed, Marketing Manager Tommy Moorman insists.

“They treat everyone like family,” says Moorman, who has worked at Storopack for four years. “Employees are one of the most important aspects of the company.” Many employees have worked for  Storopack for 25 years or more, a strong indication that the company’s culture is well received, he says. 

Seda North America is part of Seda International Packaging Group, a privately owned multinational packaging group. A global leader in developing effective solutions for a broad range of packaging applications, Seda combines innovative manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art printing and converting technologies, creating packaging solutions to drive the market and promote the world’s best-known brands.

“We are known for high-quality, innovative food and beverage packaging that is environmentally friendly,” Vice President Key Accounts and Industrial Packaging Sales Natasha Galavotti says. “Seda serves the top companies in the industry around the world.”

Pernix Therapeutics

About the only thing that has not changed at Pernix Therapeutics versus a year ago is its name. “Under the new leadership, we radically changed the company and brought in a very experienced management team to take it to the next level,” COO Terry Novak says. “Silenor was the hidden gem in sleep medicine and was just the beginning in building a central nervous system company.”  

Pernix Therapeutics’ portfolio of specialty, primary care and generic medicines drives its overarching strategy to maximize value for its key stakeholders. The Morristown, N.J.-based company employs a lean operating model with focused and disciplined execution that allows it to pursue growth opportunities both organically and through selective acquisitions. Pernix Therapeutics’ mission is to identify, develop and commercialize specialty products that exceed the expectations of patients, customers and shareholders.

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