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Printing and distributing customers throughout the nation rely on I.D. Images to create labels for their products, and those labels say more than they appear to at first glance. The labels created by I.D. Images not only carry the information they are printed with, but they also speak to the quality and variety the company is capable of. CEO Brian Gale says the company thrives in a very competitive industry by offering its customers a wider selection of solutions and top-notch service every step of the way. 

The Ohio-based, ISO 9001:2008 registered company has been in business since 1995, when it was founded to develop packaging equipment. Gale says the company began distributing labels at around the same time, but over time the labels side of the business became so profitable that I.D. Images sold off its packaging equipment to focus on labels full-time. 

Today, the company serves a broad base of customers, including those involved with packaging distribution, value-added resellers and other printing companies. 

“Since 1995, I.D. Images has developed trusting, long-term relationships with customers to make their lives easier,” the company says. “We save them time, do what we say we are going to do, and help them succeed. Our customers tell us we are among the top 5 percent of all of their suppliers. Our product offering is constantly expanding and includes thermal labels, printers and ribbons, laser labels, and integrated labels and cards on various substrates including papers and films. In addition, we offer significant custom label capabilities including spot and digital printing, flexographic printing, multi-web laminations and custom die-cutting.

“Distributors choose I.D. Images because we provide label solutions,” the company explains. “We have a customer-centric approach to finding these solutions, which means that we take the time to find out customers’ individual needs before determining the best product for their customers’ applications.”

Gale describes the nature of the label printing market as very fragmented, with multiple niches and a large number of competitors occupying each of those niches. 

As he explains, the key to I.D. Images’ ongoing success is due in no small part to the depth and complete solutions the company offers. 

“We try to compete on service and differentiating ourselves via the breadth of products that we offer,” Gale says. 

Full Service

I.D. Images specializes in custom labels, ranging from digital to thermal to laser and inkjet labels. Where many of the company’s competitors narrow their focus to produce just one or two of these products, I.D. Images offers its customers a more complete solution, and Gale says its customers truly appreciate that. 

“We’ve got various product lines, so we can manufacture lots of different labels, anything from a traditional blank label to a high-end coupon label and everything in-between,” Gale says. “So we can be a one-stop shop, if you will.” 

The technical expertise I.D. Images has in-house is the main reason why the company can offer such a wide range of products, and Gale says the company’s product development team is capable of helping its customers develop virtually any type of label solution for their needs. 

Service is the other factor that helps distinguish I.D. Images from its competition. The company’s sales force goes on sales calls with its distributors and solves other problems related to their labels. “Probably the most important thing for us, and it sounds cliché, but we have a sales and customer service team dedicated to helping our distribution partners succeed,” Gale says. 

More to Offer

The slow economic growth of the last several years has proven to be the biggest challenge for I.D. Images. The company is doing its best to manage its expenses and keep its costs comparatively low, but Gale says that as long as I.D. Images continues to differentiate itself through its service and value-added offerings, the company should continue to be a partner of choice for its customers. 

Gale says the company continues to work hard at strengthening its internal processes to provide its customers with even more certainty, including spending a lot on training for its employees. He says the company also is going through the ISO certification process, which it expects to have completed by the end of the summer. With ISO certification, Gale says, I.D. Images will have standardized processes across its various facilities to better serve all of its customers with greater consistency. 

I.D. Images is taking note of some of the major changes going on within the industry, and the company will need to change along with it. “The biggest thing to me is what I call convergence,” Gale says. “Doing just labels isn’t enough, so labels and flexible packaging are coming together.”

In response to these changes, the company is looking into adding more printing services in the near future to provide customers with a more complete solution. “It’s going to be really hard to be just a label converter in the next couple of years,” Gale says. “You’re going to have to offer more than just one product to customers.” 

In addition to this transition, Gale says I.D. Images is gearing up for a bigger focus on digital printing. More and more customers are demanding shorter runs with faster turnarounds, and the company is upgrading its equipment to stay in line with those demands. “No one wants to carry inventory, so you have to do it faster,” Gale says. 

Despite the changes, Gale says he sees good things still in store. I.D. Images continues to acquire new assets that will provide it with even greater capabilities for the future, and it has started distributing to the West Coast with an eye toward becoming a national supplier in the near future. “We’re in growth mode, so we’ve been investing,” Gale says. “We’ll continue to look for opportunities where we can leverage some of the capabilities and skills we have to offer more products to our customers.” 

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