Keeping food fresh was one of man’s earliest problems, and it continues to be a concern to this day. Even in an age of airtight plastic containers and refrigerated transportation, food manufacturers still struggle against the age-old enemies of freshness – moisture and oxygen being chief among them. Fortunately, modern science continues to facilitate solutions for today’s food manufacturers that their early predecessors could never have imagined.

Some manufacturers make widgets. Others produce components for complex machinery. Then there are those that create mind-boggling works of art. From its elaborate stage set at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to its spectacular visual displays at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, it is obvious which category Moss Inc. represents. The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company specializes in tension fabric structures for applications ranging from retail stores and arenas to conferences, trade shows and special events.

In 2011, U.S. e-retail sales reached $202 billion, this year they are estimated to top out at $226 billion, and sales will continue to grow each year, so much so that U.S. retailers are expected to see $327 billion in online sales by 2016, according to Forrester Research. Distribution centers are busy, but even with all of that revenue coming in via the Internet, few businesses can afford to waste money in any aspect of their operations. Box On Demand helps online retailers – as well as numerous other markets – ensure their packaging and shipping remain as cost-efficient as possible.

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