Offset printing plates are substantially less expensive than gravure cylinders, so a company that can offer the quality of gravure printing using an offset press is a valuable asset. “We’re able to print both paper and film and achieve a high-resolution, high-definition print at a market-competitive cost,” maintains Joe Fiore, vice president of sales and marketing for Gateway Packaging Co. “It’s a variable speed offset press. It allows us to utilize magazine-quality printing technology for flexible packaging.”

Sending products to consumers may seem like a simple task, but are the packages arriving intact after traveling across the country or overseas? Memphis-based FedEx TechConnect built a new, state-of-the-art facility that simulates any travel conditions a package may encounter to provide its clients with the best packaging solutions.

Excel Displays & Packaging takes pride in all the capabilities it offers to customers. In addition to being an independently owned, state-of-the-art provider of corrugated packaging and POP displays, the company designs products for customers, manufactures products and innovates to create whatever best suits customers’ needs. One of the main ways in which Excel continuously meets clients’ needs in innovative and quality ways is by investing in its operation. 

The Aurora, Ill.-based company estimates that it has spent about $10 million on new capital investments since October 2011, according to Chad Mikula, chief marketing officer and principal. Excel’s purchases include multiple pieces of machinery, two new rotary die cutters, a new flatbed die cutter, a second 130-inch J&L specialty folder gluer, a second automated label laminator and a new TOPRA flexo-folder gluer from Haire. Additionally, Excel added 60,000 square feet to one of its facilities and established its own ink kitchen. 

Packaging does more than tell consumers what’s inside the package and who it’s from – oftentimes packaging needs to convey vital information for the consumer’s health and safety, such as expiration dates. That means that for companies in the food and beverage and healthcare sectors, being able to rely on the quality and integrity of a printing partner is absolutely essential. That’s why many of the biggest and most recognized brands in those sectors have come to trust and rely on Domino North America for all their coding and marking needs. As the company prepares for the upcoming PACK EXPO event, Marketing Director Bill Bonaccorsi says Domino is excited to display the innovation and quality that the company has become known for.

DePaul Industries is a 43-year-old company based out of Portland, Ore. It operates three businesses: staffing, contract security and contract packaging. The contract packaging and manufacturing operations are conducted at its 100,000-square-foot facility on Hayden Island in North Portland, Ore.

“For our food and contract packaging business, we do contract work for many large food and consumer goods companies,” CEO Dave Shaffer says. “The contract packaging industry is very fragmented.”

With virtually every one of the top 500 corporations having sustainability programs in place, a worldwide “green movement” is aggressively underway to dramatically reduce landfill waste and protect our environment from pollutants. Walmart states on its website that it will have zero landfill waste by 2025. Now, droves of consumer goods manufacturers of all sizes are motivated to identify suppliers that offer green packaging alternatives. 

One of the leaders developing green packaging product capabilities is Ohio-based CMC Group Inc. and its four divisions: Century Label, DayMark Safety Systems, DayMark Technologies and NovaVision.

The Rock River used to flow past five  paper mills near Beloit, Wis., but now – thanks to dedicated employees and five generations of astute family management – only Beloit Box Board Co. still prospers on the river’s banks. Upgraded continuously since its founding in 1907, the company’s plant discharges no wastewater into the river that flows past it and has increased its production nearly 25 percent over the past 10 years.

Recycling paper into uncoated recycled boxboard since the 1920s – before then, rags and straw were used – the company has benefited over the decades from the increasing emphasis on recycling paper products. In an industry where production methods remain stable, Beloit Box Board Co. has been able to upgrade its equipment and systems to achieve increases in efficiency and  production.

There’s a reason why “America the Beautiful” specifically mentions our nation’s “amber waves of grain.” America’s wheat production ranks among the highest in the world, and today that’s beginning to mean more than producing grain to feed the world. Minnesota’s Ultra Green Packaging Inc. is leading the way in utilizing wheat straw fibers to create sustainable packaging that offers a real alternative to packaging made with traditional cardboard or plastic. Founder and President Cal Krupa says the company sees big things on the horizon as more food manufacturers are looking for an eco-friendly packaging option, and Ultra Green is ready to provide it. 

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