When the folks at International Print and Packaging meet with a potential customer, the goal isn’t to simply make a sale. Rather, the Anaheim, Calif.-based company focuses on what it can do to make that potential customer’s life easier. 

“When we meet with someone new, we will do audits of the type of packaging and printing they use currently and we might suggest something different,” says Blake von Sprecken, president of International Print and Packaging. “But sometimes they are doing everything right and we let them know that and say, ‘Congratulations.’ You can’t get every account you call on and I refuse to cut profits in the industry. But in doing that we build a reputation and sometimes they call six months later and say, ‘Hey, remember me? I have a project for you to work on?’ They know we are here to service them whether we got the initial business or not.”

Field Paper Co. has been a fine paper distributor for nearly 100 years and is optimistic about the future of the print industry. The company strongly believes there is still a place for print communication and expects a resurgence in the industry. 

“The market understands the value of print,” Vice President Jeff Freeland says. “At Field Paper, we feel there is great potential in print and have invested in diversifying our paper to promote that growth.”

When Domtar Corp. sells a product, its customers can expect it to deliver on the company’s promises. “If it does what it says on the tin, people are happy,” CEO John D. Williams says. “You need to understand that as the supplier that the product you produce and sell does the job.”

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Domtar specializes in pulp, paper and personal care products. The company began operations in England in 1848 as Dominion Tar and Rubber Co., and specialized in marketing a process that protected lumber from decay. 

After 100 years, Central Bag & Burlap Co. (CBBC) has established itself as a household name in Colorado, General Manager Dovid Zussman says. This is thanks to its family ownership, which stays close to its clients, he says.

“We pride ourselves on providing that small-company feel where everything’s personal and our customers are always dealing with upper management,” he says. “That personal touch is more a rarity in this day and age.”

Bonita Pioneer has seen many changes since its earliest days in 1989. Today, it is the only full-line retail paper packaging producer in the United States, and it is well positioned to execute on a number of strategic growth initiatives.

“We are the only company that can provide matched packaging in the same facility for multiple product lines,” CEO John Gordon says. “We do all of that internally, allowing us to offer dynamic packaging programs with the same look on multiple lines.” 

Alcom Printing went through a complete rejuvenation in 2001 when the current leadership took control and not only dramatically changed the company’s culture, but also rebranded the business to focus solely on the customer. 

CEO and President Bill Kuplen remembers seeing a t-shirt that read, “Yes is the answer…Now what’s the question?” and decided that would become the company’s battle cry. Alcom Printing focused on becoming much more customer-driven and sought to provide a level of service that was unmatched in the industry. “We strongly believed that if we didn’t completely change how we went to market, the company was doomed to fail,” Kuplen says.

A specialty co-packer, Adirondack Beverages Corp. is a beverage company that produces private-label brands as well as its own branded products.

About 50 percent of its business is co-packing, 25 percent branded products and 25 percent private label. It works on all varieties of sodas, teas, water, flavored water and energy drinks.

“Our facility operates six packing lines,” says Dan Dubovik, general manager. This includes everything from 8-ounce and 12-ounce cans and varieties of bottles including 15.4-ounce, 17-ounce, 1-litre, 2-litre, 12-ounce and 10-ounce bottles. The company works on more than 1,300 SKUs. 

Some manufacturers sell standard products, but TPC Printing and Packaging sets itself apart, President Joseph A. Schmissrauter III says. “One of the reasons why I think we continue to do well within our target segments is we continue to challenge our customer with all sorts of new, unique and creative ways to provide packaging solutions,” he says.

“That puts us on the map,” he continues. “Based on our historical record, we may be the most innovative packaging company in America.”

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