Almost 60 years ago, a brewery superintendent in Spokane, Wash., invented the first automated six-pack carrier erector in his garage. Ever since then, Pearson Packaging Systems has been on a continuous quest to find more and better ways to help its customers grow in an economically sustainable way through the automation of their secondary packaging lines. CEO Michael Senske says the company is devoted to finding the newest and most effective ways to provide its customers with integrated end-of-line packaging solutions that address all of their needs, from conveying and product handling to erecting, packing and sealing cases and palletizing them. 

Located on an island off the west coast of North America, Neucel Specialty Cellulose Ltd. ships approximately 70 percent of its production to Asia, especially China. Neucel chips whole virgin Western hemlock logs to maintain production quality. Approximately half the production of the company’s plant in scenic Port Alice, British Columbia, on the northern end of Vancouver Island is custom formulations of specialty dissolving wood pulp. The production process provides highly refined, chemically accessible pulp fibers with few impurities and no remaining fibrous structure. Dissolving pulp is used in the manufacturing of textile fibers, plastic-like materials, ethers, lacquers and explosives.

The discerning brand owner knows that to differentiate its products from other brands on the shelf within a split-second, it has to have the highest-quality label. For that, they go to McDowell Label. 

“Our customers are brand owners in every consumer packaged goods category that understand the concept of retail and that in order to get a barcode scan, the product must out-graphic the competition,” President John McDowell says. “We achieve this through our relentless pursuit of technology and innovation. That’s the culture of McDowell Label.” 

Labels West Inc.’s work may be one of the first things consumers see when entering a big-box retailer or grocery store, and they don’t even know it. “We are primarily involved in labels that go directly on retail products,” President John Shanley says. “The labels that are on pickles, shampoos, deodorants – that’s the stuff we do.” 

The Woodinville, Wash.-based company was founded by Shanley’s parents in 1978. When they retired 18 years ago, he bought the business and has been operating it ever since. Growing up, Shanley worked at Labels West helping out wherever he could. “I worked part-time until I was 15 and full-time after that because my particular high school had a work-study program, so I was able to work full-time and get credit,” he notes. 

J.N. White Designs is one of the Northeast’s leading providers of custom industrial and commercial printing solutions for OEMs and businesses across a broad spectrum of industries. With the company’s reputation for high-quality work and its dedication to investing in the latest state-of-the-art equipment, it might be hard to believe that the company’s origins began in a single bedroom of an upstate New York home. And yet, it was from those humble beginnings that J.N. White Designs took shape to become the presence in the marketplace that it is today. Owner and President Randy White says the longevity of the company has been one of the major factors in its success and a source of pride for his family. 

There’s always room in the marketplace for a company that knows how to clean up a mess, and G.F. Puhl Co. Inc. has been doing that for the paper and packaging industry for more than 30 years. The Tennessee-based company is one of the leading manufacturers of air-conveyed waste-recovery solutions, and Director of Sales and Marketing Greg Bumb says the company’s wealth of experience and expertise has helped it become the industry’s technology leader. 

The company was established in 1983, but its expertise with air conveyance systems is rooted even further in the past. Edward Peter Puhl founded Puhl & Hepper in 1929 to install and service pneumatic systems to remove rubber and leather dust from shoe manufacturing facilities. His son, Robert Edward, joined the company in 1945 as an engineer designing pneumatic systems before moving to Tennessee and starting his own company, R.E. Puhl Company. In time, Robert Edward Puhl’s son, Gregg Puhl, joined his father’s company and worked for it until it closed in 1980. That left the door open for Gregg Puhl to carry on the family business himself with the creation of G.F. Puhl Co.

Packaging does more than tell consumers what’s inside the package and who it’s from – oftentimes packaging needs to convey vital information for the consumer’s health and safety, such as expiration dates. 

That means that for companies in the food and beverage and healthcare sectors, being able to rely on the quality and integrity of a printing partner is absolutely essential. That’s why many of the biggest and most recognized brands in those sectors have come to trust and rely on Illinois-based Domino North America for all their coding and marking needs. 

Marketing Director Bill Bonaccorsi says Domino is excited to display the innovation and quality that the company has become known for.

Offering the highest-quality products, providing exemplary service and ensuring batch-to-batch consistency are the key ingredients in the recipe of success for the Braden Sutphin Ink Co.

Based in Cleveland, the company was founded more than 100 years ago in 1913. It has 14 locations primarily throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic with branch locations in:

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