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Breit Technologies is one company that can point to innovation as a major factor behind its creation. After President and co-owner Tim Cain discovered an application later known as Cast and Cure in 2004, he and partner Vice President and co-owner Bill Granfors created the company in early 2005. Driven by the need to develop alternative and creative decorating options for packaging, the company has become a global provider of its trademarked Cast and Cure process to the commercial printing industry. 

“Our process helped expand the decorating palette for the commercial print market and has become a new standard for decorating and product enhancement,” Cain says. “It is a low-cost, sustainable and highly effective process designed to enhance the shelf appeal to a wide range of product applications.”

Building the Market

Today, Breit provides in-line and off-line equipment solutions as well as stock and custom casting films for the Cast and Cure process, also known as C2. The solutions encompass paper, paperboard, pressure sensitive, films and plastics, and metal and shrink materials. Breit continues to expand its product offerings including new equipment options, curing techniques, and combinations of process and security applications for the commercial print market. 

The first to market with casting films and the equipment to support both sheetfed and web printers, Breit serves a wide range of printers around the world. Breit sells equipment and casting films directly to printers, but its end-customer is the designer or brand owner. 

Its core area of focus is packaging. From prime labels to cartons to flexible packaging, Cast and Cure has been applied to large variety of product lines and become a staple decorating technique to enhance product differentiation and shelf impact. “The acceptance by multiple billion-dollar brands encompassing several countries in virtually every continent in the world speaks to the impact the process has made on the world of decorative printing,” Granfors says. 

Enhancing the Experience

Cast and Cure is a decorative coating technique that manipulates the surface of coatings to create visual and tactile effects to enhance the consumer shopping experience. The process casts the energy-curable coating and then cures the effect in the surface of the varnish. It took the company several years to introduce and educate the marketplace about the technology and its potential applications.

Breit Technologies says the Cast and Cure process encompasses a broad range of packaging materials and printing processes. It utilizes a recyclable film material to cast surface effects into energy curable (UV LED and EB) varnishes and coatings, which allows the film material to be reused several times, allowing for a fraction of the material needed through traditional methods. Because the Cast and Cure film is used just to emboss the surface of the varnish, there is no transfer of material to the package. This allows the packages recyclability to be unaffected by the Cast and Cure effect.

As the company has focused on its key investment areas, it has expanded the use of UV LED as a curing method for the Cast and Cure process. The benefits of LED curing have long been known to the printing world. Lower power consumption, instant on and off (no warm up time), small machine footprint, no replacement of bulbs and reflectors, no ozone and reduced heat are all significant benefits of the process. 

“There have been many challenges with the implementation of LED curing into the printing market,” Cain says. “These include the cost of the LED lamp systems, LED varnish costs and the availability of varnishes to meet customer specifications. Over the last few years, the costs of the systems and chemistry have dropped significantly and the availability of the LED varnish has become mainstream. There are now several ink and coating suppliers that have entire product lines dedicated to LED curing and specialty applications are readily available from several manufacturers.” 

LED curing is now available on all Breit Technologies Cast and Cure equipment, he says. 

Trends and Challenges 

Among the packaging trends Breit Technologies is monitoring is the move away from rigid containers to flexible packaging. It has seen a major shift at all segments of the market to reduce the weight and cost of printed packaging. The move has been done to reduce the carbon footprint of these packaging materials as well as to reduce the cost. Breit Technologies says it offers a full line of proprietary flexible packaging equipment options to support these various markets. 

The other area that has changed the industry in recent years is the expansion of digital printing. Although the technology has been around for several years in various forms, the recent developments in high-speed, high-quality digital printing equipment have transformed this printing option into a key tool for commercial and packaging printers. “Breit will be showcasing a new line of digital finishing equipment options for this market at the 2015 Graph Expo/CPP Expo in Chicago in September,” Cain says.  

As with all international business, the global economy presents many challenges such as currency fluctuations in the Eurozone, unrest in Eastern Europe, oil and fuel costs effecting supply costs and shipping expenses. Breit Technologies continues to work with a strong network of distribution sources globally to minimize customer disruptions and maintain a strong understanding of local market conditions. 

Breit Technology’s main priority continues to be to focus on innovation and product expansion. The company prides itself on its ability to provide customers with the equipment and casting film needs for their specific applications. 

During the last several years, the company has expanded this to include additional effects outside of the standard holographic looks. Breit Technologies offers matte and soft touch matte solutions that provide superior rub resistance characteristics and consistent visual finishes. Expanding from the work it has done with the tactile effects of the soft touch, Breit Technologies is developing a new line of textured casting films to offer both visual and tactile enhancements using the Cast and Cure process’ low cost and sustainable model. 

“This new textured line will offer many advantages to current methods, including reduced cost due to film reusability and spot application in selected areas,” Cain says.

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